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The Timpanogos Cooperative Marketing Association (TCMA) building was built in 1926 along the east side of the Salt Lake and Utah Electric Interurban Railroad as part of the railroad’s Snow depot/station at 380 South Orem Boulevard. The TCMA Building is rectangular in shape, measuring sixty feet by one hundred feet in size. A six foot wide by fifty-one foot long open porch runs along the south elevation of the building. The building has been only minimally modified, is in good condition, and retains its general historic integrity. The Salt Lake and Utah rail lines were removed during the 1950s.

By 1910, Orem was a prosperous agricultural community, exporting fruit and vegetables throughout the state.  A railroad station and produce packing sheds were constructed here (400 S Orem Boulevard) after the completion of the Orem Line of the Salt Lake and Utah Railroad in 1913.  The depot was used both for passengers and freight shipments.  Use of the railroad line declined in the 1930′s but continued on a limited basis until the 1960′s.

Located at 35 East 400 South in Orem, Utah


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