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Hinckley is a beautiful desert oasis in Millard County, Utah and is located along the loneliest highway in America,
Highway 6 & 50 only 34.1 miles from the I15 corridor, northwest of Holden, Utah.

Hinckley was first settled in 1876 by Estraus F. Pack. During this time, the land area was a part of the LDS Deseret Ward and known as Deseret Number Three and then Bloomington.
In 1891, the name Bloomington was dropped and the town was renamed Hinckley after Ira N. Hinckley.


Interestingly enough, the population of Hinckley has fluctuated throughout the years. According to the first census results of 1900, the population in Hinckley was approximately 591. In 1910, the population reduced to approximately 324 and then in the 1920’s peaked at 821 people. According to the current 2010 Census results, the population of Hinckley is approximately 696 people.

In the past, Hinckley residents enjoyed shopping local businesses such as a general merchandise business; a grocery and meat shop; a confectionery;
a barber shop; a garage and service station; picture show; an alfalfa seed plant; a branch railroad line; millinery shops; creamery; drug store; post office; etc.

Today, the residents of Hinckley enjoy a local convenience store and gas station, post office, computer sales and service, land leveling, fossil sales and tourism, gun smith and custom knives, frozen food sales, foster care, horse training and sales, machining, electrical maintenance, trucking, photography, greenhouse and nursery, appraisals, tree trimming, roofing, and light industrial manufacturing.

As you travel Highway 6 and 50, we encourage you to stop and enjoy our beautiful four acre park located on Main Street and 100 North which offers plenty of shade trees for comfortable relaxing, tables for a picnic, and fun play equipment and swings for children.

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