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Cedar Fort, while home to only 392 people is the fourth largest city or town in Utah County as far as land size. It was incorporated in May 1965 and was previously the county seat of a Cedar Valley County.

Annie Wilcox and Bishop Allen Weeks were the first settlers of Cedar Fort.

Wilcox, who died as an infant as her parents made the difficult journey to Salt Lake Valley, was buried under a bush. Later that night, unable to sleep, her mother returned to the grave site to find Annie alive. Annie continued on to Utah with her family, who helped settle Cedar Fort. She grew up to become a midwife.

Bishop Allen Weeks’s children were killed by American Indians in the hills around Cedar Fort, yet when those same Indians came to his home wearing his children’s clothing and asking for food, he opened his door and welcomed them in.

This determination, drive and open-door generosity still flows through the veins in this little town where fewer than 400 residents live today, many of them being third, fourth and fifth generation to the original pioneers.(*)

Onlineutah states that “On January 5, 1856, by legislative act, the settlements of Cedar Valley were organized into a county with Cedar Fort as the county seat. The entire area was later absorbed into Utah County.”