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I saw this posted on facebook and thought I’d share it here, the Mendenhall Bank was on the NE corner of 200 South Main Street in Springville, Utah.   It was robbed in 1919.

Another post contained the following image of an article detailing the story.

One day in October 1919 four men and a dog entered the Mendenhall Bank stating their dog was sick and asking to be directed to a dog veterinary. The next morning three of the men came in. They commanded the cashier, Guy Mendenhall, who was alone for the moment, to throw up his hands and keep still. Two of them covered him with their guns. The third man went around behind him and commanded him to lie down on the floor. The two men then took the bonds and money out of the safe and locked the cashier in the vault. Taking the plunder with them they ran out and leaped in the car where the fourth man was seated with the motor running. With all possible haste they sped east, then south, then retraced their way north and made their escape. They camped at the lake shore near Provo where two women and the dog were waiting for them. In the meantime a customer entered the bank, found it alone, and a pounding noise inside the locked vault. The cashier was soon liberated, but the bandits were gone. They had car trouble at Strevell, Idaho and while having their car repaired, the party had a quarrel over the booty, and one man and women went to Brigham City. The other woman and three men purchased tickets for Huntington, Oregon, where they were apprehended and placed in jail where they hid the money and bonds under the floor. The woman at Brigham City had several hundred dollars hidden in her hair which was twisted on top of her head. One of the men confessed to the warden, George Stores, where he could find the money in the Oregon jail. The booty was practically all recovered. The bandits are serving a life term in the state penitentiary.