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Jesse W. Cordner House
(497 East 400 South)


Jesse W. Cordner House

Jesse W. Cordner was born in 1895 and was the grandson of Thomas and Mary Ann Cordner who were the first residents of the Provo Bench to spend an entire winter on the bench instead of in Provo. In 1915, Jesse’s father purchased 21 acres which he sold to Jesse in 1919. The Cordners planned to build a new home and had driven all over trying to find an example of a house that they liked. They found one in American Fork and were able to borrow the plans from the owner. Jesse built this house in 1938 with the help of sub-contractors. The total cost to build the home was $3,000.00. The exterior of this 1938 period cottage type is constructed of multi-colored brick, predominantly dark red. The English Cottage style includes a steeply pitched, gabled roof. This architecture was unique to the time period.


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