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Alfred and Rosy Skinner House
(232 West 800 South)


Alfred and Rosy Skinner House

The Alfred and Rosy Skinner house began as a square single-cell house constructed in 1905-06. It has a fieldstone and lime mortar foundation, kiln dried, common brick walls, a frame roof with machine-cut shingles, and a brick chimney and flue on the east elevation. The addition was an exact copy, matched in fenestration and building materials. Also, matching molding was installed around the eaves and gables on both the existing and new additions. Skinner, who was raised on the Provo Bench (Orem), moved away and then returned, as many did, to start a farm and raise produce. The increasing size of the house over the years symbolizes the increased prosperity Skinner saw as Orem became more and more important as a farming and orchard community.


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