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W. Doyle & Nettie Marie Peterson Cranney House
(624 South 400 East)


W. Doyle & Nettie Marie Peterson Cranney House

The W. Doyle and Nettie Marie Peterson Cranney house is a brick, single story World War II-era cottage built in 1941 in the Minimal Traditional style. This style was popular in Utah from 1935 to 1950, and this particular example is, to some extent based on the earlier English cottage style. The Cranney house is in a cross-wing form with a prominent projecting front-facing cross gable. Dr. Wyndon Doyle Cranney, a physician in Orem, bought the house in 1949 when the family moved from Ephraim to Orem. He lived in the house for thirty-five years with his wife Nettie Marie and their children. The title to the house remained in the family until 1983.


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