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Bartl & Mary Nelson Gappmayer House
(144 East 1200 South)


Bartl & Mary Nelson Gappmayer House

The Gappmayer house is a two-story, foursquare type building with a combination of Late-Victorian and Neoclassical Stylistic details. The house was built around 1907 and is a rare example in Orem of the two-story foursquare house. This type of house was popular in Utah from about 1900 until about 1915, when it fell out of favor. It is rare perhaps because its size made it prohibitively expensive for the farmers of modest means who made up most of the residents of the Provo Bench. Bartl and Mary Gappmayer were farmers who moved to the Provo Bench from Heber City, Utah. They built the house in 1907 and then sold the property in 1915. Their children later retained title to the property from their uncle. Lewis and Isabella Gappmayer later moved into the house with their four children.


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