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Marlin H. & Brenda J. Siebach House
(987 West 1600 North)


Marlin H. & Brenda J. Siebach House

The Marlin H. and Brenda J. Siebach house (not the original owners), built in ca. 1917, is a Vernacular Arts and Crafts brick front-gabled single story bungalow
located on the south side of 1600 North. The bungalow was the most popular house type in Utah in the first quarter of the twentieth century. The Vernacular Arts
and Crafts style elements can be seen in the exposed framing members as well as the color and texture of the cladding. In 1979, the Siebachs bought the house
and moved it to this site from its previous location. The house was originally located at 1600 North and State Street in Orem.