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575 West 800 North

Cecil I. and Mildred H. Dimick House

The Cecil and Mildred Dimick house, built in 1946, is a one story, stucco-covered, concrete block building on a concrete foundation. Designed in the Art Moderne style, this house is a good representation of the genre, particularly considering the agrarian landscape on which it was built. At one time surrounded by open farmland, the property is now situated in the midst of residential development. The Cecil I. and Mildred H. Dimick house is significant for its architecture as one of only six Modern classified houses in Orem, and as one of only three built in the Art Moderne style. The Art Modern style house is uncommon for Orem based on the fact that in the 1940s the community was still highly agrarian. Also because of the war-time economy, smaller, simpler tract-housing was being constructed with new types of material and construction methods being employed. Cecil, who was a school teacher, farmer, and an inspector at Geneva Steel, built this house while employed at the steel plant. The house represents the beginning of a shift from agriculture to industry when the U.S. Steel, Geneva Works Plant was being constructed, but in an uncommon form for Orem.