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The D above St. George – The Dixie D

Above St. George to the West you see a large, white letter D on the hillside, there are many of these letters around Utah and this is one of the easiest of them all to get to. It’s located on “West Black Ridge” just South of “Devil’s Saddle.”

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Dixie D – Looking up from it

I found a plaque talking about the “D” on the Dixie State University campus in town, it said:

The “D” on the hillside has its roots from our early pioneer heritage when leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) colonized Southern Utah for the purpose of raising cotton and was known as the Dixie Mission. Schools were established and the “D” soon after became the symbol for this great group of Dixie pioneers. The original land where it rests was homesteaded in the early 1930′s by William H. (Bill) and Lida Cox Prince. The land was donated to the Dixie Alumni Association, but the deed was never recorded and was lost. Later, Rutger and Leona Cox Atkin redeeded the property to the school as you see it today. The Prince and Atkin families honor their parents in their contribution of this famous landmark to the community. The “D” stands as a symbol of the spirit of Utah’s Dixie and Dixie College!

View from the plaque

Here’s a “JMH 1893″ carved on a rock near the “D,” I wonder if it’s authentic?