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Stewart/Hills House
(275 East 2000 South)


Stewart/Hills House

The Stewart/Hills house was built ca. 1915-1919 on a rise on the south edge of Orem overlooking the Provo valley. The house is a one-and-one-half story side-gabled Craftsman-style bungalow with a low-pitched, asphalt shingle-covered roof. Craftsman (or Arts and Crafts) designs were popular in Utah, particularly in residential projects, from 1900 to about 1915. The house is representative of a successful produce farmer in Orem during a period of growth and prosperity.

Clinton Hills was raised on the Provo Bench and as an adult grew apples, cherries and strawberries on the farmlands surrounding the house. It is also significant as probably the most intact example of the four known remaining Arts and Crafts bungalows in Orem. Early houses in Orem were quite utilitarian, but as the community flourished national stylistic trends influenced the local architecture, including Victorianism and early twentieth-century styles such as the Arts and Crafts.

Only a few Arts and Crafts Bungalows remain in Orem and this is the only known side-gable example.


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