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I met a guy named Vaughn Reid randomly today, he was from Clawson and shocked that I had even heard of it.  I told him about how much I love that area, how I liked the Moore Cutoff and everything about the Swell.

While talking to him he mentioned that if I’m ever in Clawson I should stop by, he told me that he had a place you couldn’t miss, that there was a giant arrow stuck in the hill and a bunch of crazy UFO stuff and a cool antique museum he made.

I got curious later and looking him up, here’s a few pictures I found in some articles about him and his friend Rich Fairbanks.

I’ll go visit and take my own pictures, (update, click here for when I actually went there) but until then here’s what I saw at first glance online:

Bringing imagination to life the old-fashioned way

“Welcome to my world” says Reid

U.F.O. Hijinks