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Davis/Ercanbrack Farmstead
(2044 South Main Street)


Davis/Ercanbrack Farmstead.

The Davis/Ercanbrack Farmstead house, original portion built ca. mid-1870s, is a stucco and possibly log construction, classical-style, hall-parlor house with several historic additions. The original house still portrays some of the basic elements of the Classical movement, i.e. rectangular facade with symmetrically placed fenestration, although one window has been covered, modestly pitched gable roof with cornice, and little other adornment. This farmstead is an example of the very basic, vernacular dwellings that were constructed during the establishment of the Provo Bench. Although the house has been altered and added to many times over the years, its significance lies in the construction date of the house as probably the oldest surviving house in Orem. It and the other buildings on the site are significant as one of only a few remaining fruit orchards in a city which almost thoroughly depended on the fruit industry. This farmstead retains its association and feeling with the fruit industry of Orem and contributes to the historic qualities of the city.


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