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Woodside is one of my favorite Utah ghost towns, thousands speed through it every day on the busy highway but there is a lot of history if you slow town and take a look.

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It was settled in 1881 and called Lower Crossing at the time – it looks so barren now it is hard to imagine the livestock, sugar beets, vegetables and more being grown in abundance.

In 1897, following a train robbery at Castle Gate, Butch Cassidy hid in an network of tunnels under one house outside town.(*)

By the 1920s the town had a railroad depot and a hotel.

There was a cool geyser behind a store, a cafe, filling station and more. There have been online postings of the town for sale that I’ve seen for $4,000,000 and $2,500,000, stories of a man living in the ruins who would attack people, and a lot of jerky sold along the roadside.


The old hotel.