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The Knudsen Cabin, built by Porter Squires for Wilhelm and Laura Amelia C. Knudsen. In 1855 was one of the first permanent structures in Brigham City. Located on the corner of First East and First South, the original cabin was 14 feet x 16 feet. It had a lot running the full length of the inside walls and was entered by means of a small square outside door just below the gables. Six of their thirteen children were born in the cabin during the years from 1856-1865.

The Cabin was moved to Rees Pioneer Park in 1929 where it could be preserved as a typical pioneer dwelling. The move cost $15.00. Charles Squires, son of the original builder, was hired to do some restoration work for $221.00. It was dedicated September 8, 1929.

In 1993 Box Elder South Company Daughters of Utah Pioneers made arrangements to lease enough land to form a yard around the cabin permitting removal of the 1948 cover which had largely obscured it from view. Renovation and restoration followed including installation of a clay floor, cedar roof and half-loft; and planting of old fashioned flowers in the yard and furnishing the cabin with pioneer originals and replicas – all combining to create more fully the atmosphere of a 1855 pioneer home. Bronze plaque on chimney of cabin: Pioneer Cabin built by Porter Squires 1855 for Wm. Knudsen moved to this location 1929 by Box Elder County Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

This historic marker is located in Brigham Young Park in Brigham City, Utah. It is #3 in the Brigham City Historic Tour and #482 of the D.U.P. historic markers.