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The Old Mill Wheel

In 1859, John Hoile established a flour gristmill at First South between First and Second East. The mill consisted of a small one-story frame building. On June 20, 1870, the mill was bought by John Hague who operated it until he died in 1900. The mill sat idle until 1907 when it was purchased by the Juab Mill and Elevator Company. They immediately enlarged the mill’s manufacturing capacity by adding a three-story brick structure.

This wheel is the third and last wheel used at the millsite. A wooden flume or millrace, raised 16 feet high on stilts, carried water from Salt Creek at a place between Third and Fourth East. The force of the flow turned the wheel which powered the whole mill. During the 1920s, the Juab Mill and Elevator Company bought the Nephi Mill and Manufacturing Company located at First North and Second West. From the time on, flour was milled at the Nephi Mill and Manufacturing Company, and the Old Mill operated as a feed mill, manufacturing poultry feed and chopping and grinding grain.

Activities came to an end at the original site in 1949 when both mills were sold.

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