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This Springville house was built in 1896 by Romanzo and Helen Deal.  Romanzo and his brothers began the mecantile firm of Deal Brothers & Mendenhall, one of the leading firms in railway construction in the West.  He was also a rancher, served as mayor for three terms, and was president of the Springville Banking Co. until his death in 1903.

When Helen died in 1910, the house was inherited by their daughter who sold the home to her cousin, Guy Mendenhall, a prominent construction contractor, merchant, and banker.  His son, V. Cornell, and his wife, Bessie, bought the house in 1924.  Cornell carried on the family tradition of construction begun by his grandfather.  V. Cornell sold the home in 1962 to his daughter, Lucille and her husband, Kent Huntsman.  They restored the home in 1994.