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LeRoy (Sam) and Afton Fryer were long time residents of Lindon City. They worked hard in their fruit farm located at 600 North and Locust Avenue in Lindon. They were thrifty and frugal all of their lives. Sam and Afton loved Lindon and had many close friends in the community.

Sam attended Pleasant Grove schools, was a veteran of World War II, and served on the Lindon City Council between 1973 and 1975. During his tenure on the City Council he helped obtain the property where the present day Lindon City Center and pool are now located. Sam also served as a board member on the Pleasant Grove and North Union Irrigation companies.

Afton spent her childhood in American Fork and, later in life, worked as a secretary for Lindon, Central, and Valley View Elementary schools. She retired in 1983 after 23 years with the schools. She continued to run a successful farming business from her property with her orchard remaining productive until her passing.

Sam and Afton were married in 1946 and had only one child, Jim L. Fryer, who was killed in a car accident at the age of 16. Sam and Afton were members of the LDS Lindon 1st Ward and attended church at the building now known as the Lindon Community Center. After Sam passed away in 1977, Afton married Earl Huggard. Her time with Earl was short-lived as he died just a little over a year after their marriage. Afton spent her remaining years alone but had a great desire to bless the lives of the youth in her church and her friends who lived in Lindon. Upon her death in 2009 the Afton Fryer Huggard Foundation was established to distribute her estate to projects and causes that would touch the lives of people in Lindon.

Lindon City thanks Afton for her generosity and love of our wonderful community. Her donation has made several city projects possible including construction of the Lindon Senior Center, construction of of the veterans memorial at the Lindon Cemetery, and construction of a 4-acre city park located at 600 North Main Street – which has been named ‘Fryer Park’ in recognition of her generosity. Afton has left a legacy to Lindon City residents that will last for generations to come.

We honor her kindness to our community.

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