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Marysvale Posts:

A post office called Marysvale has been in operation since 1872.

The community was originally settled in 1863, later abandoned because of Indian troubles, and then resettled again. There are several claims for the name source.

(1) It was named by a group of Catholic miners for the Virgin Mary.

(2) Parley P. Pratt named it Merryville when he passed through in 1849 because of the beautiful surroundings. The name was supposedly later changed to Marysvale.

(3) Brigham Young named the settlement for his wife Mary.

(4) The settlement was named Merry Valley or Merry Vale when Brigham Young and his party camped there when they were traveling through the area on visits to local settlements.

During their visit, they enjoyed an evening of relaxation and stag dancing. Stag dancing was common during this time because men were the predominate members of traveling groups.  The name Merry Vale was gradually changed to the more euphonious Marysvale.

War Memorial:

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