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When the Willard Central School was constructed in 1902, a bell tower with a large brass bell was installed on the roof toward the front of the building. The bell was rung 15 minutes before school began and again at noon. Students vied for the privilege of pulling the bell cord. The ring could be heard a mile away warning dawdling students to hurry. Although the bell tower was remodeled in 1911-12, the bell remained in place for 37 years.

In 1939, during a remodeling of the school, the bell was removed from the roof and mounted on a circular rock foundation immediately in front of the school. The bell no longer rang but served as a memorial to bygone days.

The school was demolished in 1956 to make room for a new one. This monument, on the old playground, is constructed of rocks from the Fort Wall which was built between 1852-55 and which surrounded the old town of Willard.

Willow Creek Camp DUP Free-standing engraved granite plaque on post: This marker is also built of native stone as well as rocks from the fort wall. The rail was used in the first transcontinental railroad of 1869. Willow Creek Camp 1989