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Three historic markers located off exit 100 of I-15 in Southern Utah:

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The Old Spanish Trail

Traders, trappers and adventurers carved out the route known as the Old Spanish Trail.  New Mexican traders on their way to California in the early 1800’s left behind many Spanish place names.

The 49’ers traveled here during the gold rush into California.  One of the companies, lead by Jefferson Hunt traveled from Salt Lake City arriving here on October 27, 1849.  Impatient and quarrelsome the company broke up near Enterprise, Utah.  Some followed the Old Spanish Trail to California other drove southwesterly through remote desert regions and gave Death Valley its name.

John C. Fremont, an Army Topographer and explorer also came this way with a party in 1853-54 seeking a railroad route.  The party almost perished before Fremont got provisions from Parowan, Utah.  Fremont Canyon to the east bears his name.