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Three historic markers located off exit 100 of I-15 in Southern Utah:


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John Christopher Armstrong

1813 –

This monument is a memorial to the dedication and perseverance of John C. Armstrong and to all the brave men, see reverse side, who explored this area under the direction of Parley P. Pratt since a burial spot is not known this will serve as a burial monument for him.  He arrived in the Salt Lake Valley Sept. 1847 and settled his family in a mud dugout.  As a skilled tailor he applied his trade for many including Brigham Young.  He played in Captain Ballou’s Brass Band and accepted the call to join Pratt’s exploration party as bugler and explorer.  Later he was called to defend Fort Bridger against Indians on the war path.  He carved his name on a sandstone cliff east from this marker up Fremont Canyon on December 21, 1849.  The carving, as depicted on this monument is still plainly visible on the rock in the canyon.  His journal tells of the sacrifice, hardships and near tragedy endured by these explorers.

“Sunday, 9th, This night one of the coldest… both feet froze.”

“Thursday 13th, I walked as well as I could blew the trumpet for prayers… rubbed my limbs all the time trembling with cold my teeth chattering in my head.  Truly I thought about home and a good bed.”

 “Friday 21st… We have fought with the storm and the tempest and it must have been through the divine interposition of God, who led Nephi of old that we were brouhgt over these mountains.  To look at them it would be said that no white man could do it or be rash enough to undertake it…  The Mormons are the boys for such expeditions they fear neither kanyon, mountain, snow storm, gully or river because they know that they are led by The Mighty God of Jacob.”

– Reverse side of marker –

Parley P. Pratt received a commission from Brigham Young the governor of the State of Deseret to raise fifty men with the necessary teams and outfit on an exploring tour to the southward.

First Ten

Isaac C. Haight, Captain.  Parley P. Pratt, President. William Wadsworth, Hial K. Gay, Rufus Allen, Chauncey West, Dan Jones, George B. Mabson, Samuel Gould, Wm. P. Vance.

Second Ten

Joseph Matthews, Captain.   John Brown, Nathan Tanner, Sterling G. Driggs, Homer Duncan, Wm. Matthews, Schuyler Jennings, John H. Bankhead, John D. Holiday, Robert M. Smith.

Third Ten

Joseph Horn, Captain.  David Fulmer, Counselor.  Wm. Brown, George Nebiker, Benjamin F. Stewart, Alexander Wright, Alexander Lemon, Seth B. Tanner, Henry Heath, James Farrer.

Fourth Ten

Ephraim Green, Captain. Wm. W. Phelps, Counselor.   Robert Campbell, Clerk. Charles Hopkins, Sidney Willis, Andrew Blodgett, Wm. Henry, Peter Dustin, Thomas Ricks, Isaac H. Brown.

Fifth Ten

Josiah Arnold, Captain.  Jonathan Packer, Christopher Williams, Stephen Taylor, Isaac B. Hatch, John C. Armstrong, Dimick B. Huntington.

Manti Group

Madison Hambleton, Gardner G. Potter, John Lowry, Jr., Edward Everett, Sylvester Hewlitt.