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Ghost Town of White Hills

Eight miles northeast along this road are the ruins of White Hills, once a mining boom town. A six-year wonder, from 1892 to 1898 the mine produced twelve million dollars in gold and silver. The mineral discovery was one of the few credited to an indian… a hualpai named Jeff. White Hills had twelve saloons and two cemeteries. Water was nearly as expensive as whiskey.


Formerly known as Indian Secret Mining District or Silverado, the White Hills mining camp started in the 1890’s. The mines were rich producers of silver, especially horn silver, also called chloride silver. This large community was devastated by a flash flood on the morning of August 5, 1899 from which the town never recovered. After the closure of the mines, the remaining buildings slowly disappeared. Now nothing is left of the once prosperous mining camp. The ghost town of White Hills continues to be marked on travel maps.