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First Settlers of Holladay

John D. Holladay, a leader of the Mississippi Company of Mormon Pioneers, entered the Salt Lake Valley on July 29, 1847.

John Holladay’s group explored the valley of the Great Salt Lake and its tributary canyons with an eye towards irrigation, wild hay for their animals, and water power for mills. Most of the Mississippi Company stayed together and by fall had planned their farms and community in the area of a free-flowing, spring-fed stream issuing from the base of Mt. Olympus. Thus the village of Spring Creek, as the stream was then called, was the first to be established away from Great Salt Lake City itself.

As soon as John D. Holladay was named the Branch President, the village took upon itself the name of Holladay’s Settlement or Holladay’s Burgh.

In February 0f 1849 the first surveyed plots of land were issued to the settlers.
Original Land Owners
Lot #1 John D. Holladay
Lot #2 Allen F. Smithson
Lot #3 Robert D. Covington
Lot #4 John D. Holladay
Lot #5 Robert D. Covington
Lot #6 Orlando F. Mead
Lot #7 Robert D. Covington
Lot #8 John Lockhart
Lot #9 John Lockhart
Lot #10 John D. Holladay
Lot #11 Lyman Stephens
Lot #12 Joseph Matthews
Lot #13 Ezekiel Lee
Lot # 14 Milo Andrus
Lot #15 Daniel W. Perkins
Lot #16 William Casto
Lot #17 William Watkins
Lot #18 William Whitehead
Map and information courtesy of Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Steven L. Carr

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