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Vivian Park in Provo Canyon is a private community and also one of Utah County’s Parks. This page is for the park. Click here for the community.

Vivian Park is a historic location that has been a part of Provo Canyon practically from the time Utah Valley was first settled. This particular area was first deeded to a William Ferguson in a land patent dating back to 1888. Ferguson began operating what became known as “Billy’s Place”, a convenient resting spot and eating place for canyon travelers. Around the turn of the 20th Century, the area came under different ownership and was promoted as a vacation getaway. Cabins were built and the entire site was soon filled with recreation of all types including a dance hall featuring live bands, some fine restaurants, and a boat rental business.

According to one seemingly accurate account, the present name of Vivian Park can be attributed to a young girl named Vivian McBride, whose mother worked at the nearby Post Office. The resort owner thought the young girl was so pretty that her name was added to his canyon retreat. Over the years, many of the early activities and attractions fell by the wayside, but Vivian Park users today can still find lots of room to enjoy the sunshine, eat a meal, fish the Provo River, or enjoy a myriad of other interests including the Heber Creeper steam engine ride. There are pavilions, barbecues, a fishing pond, playgrounds, volleyball areas, and plain old shade.

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