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Provo’s First Department Store Began in 1866 at 250 West Center St.

The stately, three-story building at 250 West Center Street in Provo near the Utah Valley Convention Center once housed Taylor Brothers Company, Utah’s largest department store south of Salt Lake City.  The structure was not built all at once, but was constructed in several phases spanning a period of some 45 years.

The building’s history began in 1866 when George Taylor opened a small furniture store and photography shop in a modest frame building standing on this site.  Having no delivery wagon, George and his sons delivered furniture on this backs.  As Taylor’s business grew, so did his building.  He later moved into an adjacent brick building and then enlarged it in 1877.

In 1889, George Taylor decided to return to England, and sold his growing business for $11,000 to his estranged wife, Eliza, three of her sons (George, Jr., Thomas N. Taylor, and Arthur N. Taylor) and John D. Dixon.  All had worked in the store and felt that they deserved to be the buyers.  The new firm changed its name to Taylor Brothers Company and expanded into a full department store.  Two younger brothers, Walker G Taylor and Ashted Taylor, later joined the company.

In 1890, the new company built a three-story, brick building on the site.  Business continued to expand and so did the building.  The company constructed two more three-story additions, one in 1903 and the other in 1910.  Contractors built a new facade across the face of the three adjoining buildings when the final addition was constructed, making the three buildings appear to be one.

This is plaque #8 in the Series of Events from Provo’s History and is located in Powerline Park in Provo.

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