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This cabin was built by John Austin in 1868 on Bull River (3500 North Center). John’s son Parley married Charlotte Butt in 1884. They moved into the cabin which had been vacated by Parley’s parents. In the late 1890’s Parley built a home in Lehi and moved the cabin to his property and used it for a granary.

In the late 1940’s, Hyrum Gray, who married Parley’s daughter Charlotte, moved the cabin to his property and used it to shelter calves. Perhaps the cabin was kept, for it was where Charlotte was born. The cabin next passed to Elmo Gray, Hyrum’s son, and was used to shelter calves.

In the 1960’s the property was sold for the I-15 Freeway. The cabin was moved to Carrol Smith’s property and again used to shelter calves. Carrol then passed the cabin to daughter and son-in-law, Eric and Marilyn Larson, and it was still used to shelter calves.

In 2012, the Lehi Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers purchased the cabin and moved it to its present location.

The John Austin Cabin, one of the Historic Homes in Lehi is located next to the Lehi Memorial Building / Hutchings Museum and the Carnegie Library.

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