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The 15th Ward Chapel

The old chapel that was built in 1904 and was previously used for the 15th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City.

Built in 1900 and dedicated in 1906, The addition to the west of the chapel is a cultural hall and was built in 1931. The church sold the chapel in the late sixties when the ward was discontinued and it was merged into the 34th ward. (thank you Samuel Roberts)

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15th Ward Boundaries: (*)

… bounded on the north by South Temple St. (or the 16th and 34th wards), east by 4th West St. (or the 14th Ward), south by 3rd South St. (or the 6th-7th and 25th wards), and west by the Jordan River (or the 32nd Ward).

When first organized, the 15th Ward extended from South Temple to 3rd South streets and from 2nd to 5th West streets

History timeline:

1849, February 22 – one of the nineteen original wards organized
1898 – 24th Ward took that part lying west of 6th West St.
1904 – Boundaries of the 15th Ward were extended to 4th West St.
At the same time the 24th Ward was discontinued and the limits of the 15th Ward extended to the river, as at present.

The 15th ward is one of the original 19 wards in Salt Lake City in 1849, you can see the others on this page.

Also from the old 15th Ward: