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Davis Park in Salt Lake City.

This park is dedicated to the memory of Ione McKean Davis, a lifelong resident of Salt Lake City, who devoted herself to the interests of the community.  She served in many areas, including the public schools, neighborhood associations, and tennis programs.  Mrs. Davis was known as the “watchdog” for the city’s foothills, stressing preservation and controlled development.  She was a lifelong political activist and served on many civic boards and communities.

As a member of the Salt Lake City Council representing District 6, Mrs. Davis conscientiously studied the issues and fought tirelessly for effective government, quality services, and careful use of fiscal resources.  Her expertise was instrumental in changing this location a gravel-strewn intersection to a safe and peaceful retreat for children and adults.

While serving as the vice-chairwoman of the City Council in 1985 during her second term, Mrs. Davis died of cancer.  In memory of her civic service, the name of this park was changed from Foothill Park to Davis Park.  Mrs. Davis embodied the best of American citizenship and local leadership.  She is remembered by those who associated with her as being insightful, spirited, hard working, compassionate and honest.  Her family and community contributions constitute her legacy.

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There are sculptures of quail on roller-skates around the park.

The sculptural subject of Gambel’s quail reflects the commitment of Ione McKean Davis to the preservation of open space in the urban environment. Coveys of wild Gambel’s quail can be seen throughout the neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. Recognizing the wild presence of quail in the urban landscape affirms an appreciation for our fragile local ecosystem and the importance of urban open space.

Gambel’s quail are identified by their tear-drop shaped topknot, the distinct black patch on the chest of the buck, and the scaly plumage on their undersides. As ground birds in an urban environment, Gambel’s quail primarily move about by walking and can move surprisingly fast through brush and undergrowth.

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