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Midway Town Hall

The Midway Town Hall was designed by architect Claude Shepherd Ashworth and built by Frederick O. Hauter. Originally known as the Midway recreation center, it was constructed with Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds and local labor in 1941. Built of local limestone known as “pot rock,” this structure has characteristics remeniscent of the Arts and Crafts and Tudor Revival Atyles with its rustic wooden lintels, brackets on the gable ends, steeply pitched roof, half-timbering, and scribed wooden pendants.

The Midway Town Hall helps document the impact of New Deal programs in Utah, one of the states that the Great Depression affected most severely. Located on the site of Old Fort Midway in the civic and recreation center of town, it has been in continuous use as a gathering place for the town’s social, recreational, and governmental activities. It remains the focal point of the community, serving as home for local chapters of national and state organizations, the post office, and civic offices.

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