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The Club

Built of wood after the great fire of 1898, this building has always functioned as a restaurant or saloon, and was originally called the Silver King Restaurant.  Construction took place in two phases: the southern half built first, and a mirror image of it added to the north several years later.  In 1907 the building shared the same wood porch with the two buildings to the north.

The interior walls are hung with a collection of animal trophies which have been looking down on the The Club’s patrons since longtime proprietor Heinie Hernan installed them in the 1930’s.  Moonshine was sold here during prohibition, and a memorable party occurred when President Roosevelt legalized alcoholic beverages in 1932.  This is the only saloon from Park City’s mining heyday whose interior remains substantially unchanged.

Although fairly typical of other commercial facades built along Main Street in its day, The Club is distinguished by its ornate wood cornice and bracketed wood lintels above the two double hung windows.  Its recessed entry and two story height are consistent with most commercial structures built in Park City at the turn of the century.

Located on historic Park City Main Street in Park City, Utah.

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