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John Dorius, Jr., House and Barn

This fine Queen Anne style house was constructed in 1897 for John Dorius, Jr., a prominent local businessman. The son of a Danish immigrant farmer, John Dorius pieced together a successful career in farming, freighting, and merchandising in Ephraim during the 1880s and 1890s before moving his business to Salt Lake City in 1905. In scale, massing, and decorative detail, the Dorius House is a noteworthy expression of the Queen Anne design principals and remains one of the most outstanding examples of this important architectural style outside the major urban areas of Salt Lake City and Ogden. The barn in back of the house, built about the same time as the house, represents an excellent example of European craftsmanship which came to Sanpete Valley as part of the Mormon colonization.

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Located at 46 West 100 North in Ephraim, Utah