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The Hurricane Canal

On August 6, 1904, pioneer families from Virgin City, Grafton, Toquerville, La Verkin, Rockville and Springdale, met in the shade of a bowery and watched the Virgin River water gurgle out of the Hurricane Canal on the fertile, parched soil of this valley. Finally, the Rio Virgin was conquered! At that joyful celebration the city they had dreamed about for many heartbreaking years, was numed Hurricane from the historic Hurricane Cliffs. In 1906, the first homes were built here.

This is S.U.P. Marker #23-D, see other S.U.P. Markers here.

This historic marker is located in Hurricane Valley Pioneer Heritage Park in Hurricane, Utah.

The Pattern (by Owen Sanders)

My father dug the ditches
And tilled the stubborn soil;
What have I, his son, to show
For all his years of toil?
My Mother gnarled her tender hands
And suffered for my weal;
What have I, her son, to show
For all her faith and zeal?

Their faith and love of God was strong
Their zest for life sincere;
What have I, their son, to show
For what they held so dear?

My folks have sketched a pattern
And blazed a vivid trail;
They have earned their Golden Goal
Only, I, can fail!