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The Caithness (Riter) Apartments (now the Caithness Condominiums) were built in 1908 and are some of the many interesting apartments in Salt Lake City from that time frame.

There are many interesting rocks protruding from the brick faces of the building, a resident told me that when they refaced the building and added those they had a problem with people rock climbing on the building.

The Caithness Apartments is one of only two apartment buildings in Salt Lake City known to have been designed by Ware and Treganza, one of the most prolific and prominent architectural firms in Utah during the early twentieth century. They designed many other residential buildings – – primarily houses, but also a few smaller multi-family dwellings. The other Ware and Treganza designed apartment is the Smith Apartments located at 228 S 300 E. Both the Caithness and the Smith are walk-up U-court type apartments, though the central court of the Smith is much narrower than that of the Caithness.

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