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Avenues Historic District

Historic Homes and Buildings in the SLC Avenues

The Avenues in Salt Lake City are full of historic buildings and homes.   I had pages created for Historic Homes in Salt Lake and Historic Buildings in Salt Lake but there were enough in the Avenues I wanted to separate them out.

(non – Avenues listed here)

First Avenue

Second Avenue

Third Avenue

Fourth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Ninth Avenue

Tenth Avenue

Eleventh Avenue

Twelfth Avenue

A Street

B Street

C Street

D Street

E Street

F Street

G Street

H Street

I Street

J Street

  • 77 J Street
  • 114 J Street
  • 115 J Street
  • 117 J Street
  • 183 J Street
  • 188 J Street

K Street

M Street

  • 137 M Street (at 3rd Ave)

N Street

O Street

P Street

Q Street

R Street

S Street

T Street

U Street

V Street/Virgina Street