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Isom’s Corner

The Thomas & Annie Isom Family

The Thomas and Annie Isom family came to Hurricane following the completion of the Hurricane Canal, which allowed the Hurricane Valley to become a reality. The northwest corner of State and Main (across the Street) is historically known as Isom’s Corner. The first home was built on this lot. It was a two-room house with a rock-lined cellar. (Annie and daughter, Regina pictured, ca 1910). It was built for Thomas and Annie Isom in the spring of 1906 by Annie’s brother, Thomas Maurice Hinton. Because of Thomas Isom’s ill health, T. M. Hinton and his family occupied the house until December 6, 1906, when Thomas and Annie (pictured) moved in with six of their eventual ten children. The Thomas Isom Family became one of the original ten families to settle Hurricane.

They lived in the first house until 1911 when their brick home, “The Isom House”, was completed on the same corner. It eventually became the Isom Hotel (pictured). The hotel served the community and southern Utah for over forty years until it was demolished in Many church and civic leaders and other travelers into the area stayed at the hotel.

The Isom family owned the south one half of the block where vegetable and flower gardens, grape vineyards, fruit orchard, a bam and granary existed. The fruits and vegetables were used to sustain the large Isom family and also served the many travelers who stayed at the hotel. The travelers ate family-style with the family. Their horses and other animals were also boarded on the property during their stay for a small daily fee. Tom and Annie helped establish the town’s schools, church, city government and utility systems. The Isom House was the first home in Hurricane to be plumbed and wired for water and electricity. Thomas became the first city marshal upon incorporation in 1912. Through their vision, hard work and sacrifice they were able to facilitate the desert to “blossom as the rose”.

S.U.P. Historic Marker #179.

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Left picture caption: “The First House Built in Hurricane Built in 1906 by T. M. Hinton for
Thomas and Annie Isom”

Center picture caption: “Thomas and Annie Isom”

Right picture caption: “The Isom Hotel”