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A ghost town very near the ghost towns of National and Consumers in Carbon County, the three shared a post office and school.

In 1928 Will Sweet discovered coal in a small canyon northeast of National. Sweets was the smallest of the mines in the Gordan Creek area. It was a tent city for almost 10 years with a population of close to 200 people. They had a post office from January 26, 1927 to September 25, 1941 when it closed.

The Sweets Mine closed temporarily in 1937, but reopened during World War II. In the early 1940’s, there were approximately 20 small three room houses built on the main street of Sweets. They all had red tile roofs.

In 1998 Horizon Mine reclaimed the town of Sweets.

Sweets Mine had the highest death rate of the three towns. They had 17 miners killed, mostly by roof falls. By the early 1950’s Sweets, like Consumers and National were ghost towns.