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At the west end of West Wendover, NV in front of the city building and next to Wendover Will is a little area with many historic markers, signs and plaques.

Some of what you can see there is listed below.

Transcontinental Telephone Line

On June 17, 1914, AT&T erected the last of some 130,000 poles at Wendover, and the wires were spliced, joining more than 3,400 miles of telephone line. This splice connected the first telephone line from the East Coast to the West Coast across the United States. The completion of the first trans-continental telephone line was accompanied with little fanfare. The last splice was made, flags were placed on the cross-poles, and photographs were taken. (more on this page…)

Ancient Lake Bonneville

Lake Bonneville was a large ancient Pleistocene-era lake that existed about 32,000 to 14,000 years ago. For thousands of years, Ancient Lake Bonneville was contained by mountains acting as natural dams, occupying the lowest closed depression in the eastern Great Basin. The largest area covered by the lake was more than 20,000 square miles, about 325 miles long, 134 miles wide, with depths of just over 1,000 feet.
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Historic Wendover Field

The history of the Wendover Field began when the United States Army designated the area near the town of Wendover as an additional bombing range. Though isolated, the area was well suited to fit the needs: the Western Pacific Railroad served the area; the land for the airfield was located near virtually uninhabited areas of the Great Salt Lake Desert in western Utah and eastern Nevada; the generally excellent year-round flying weather allowed safe and frequent training flights for aircraft.
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Western Pacific Railroad

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Lincoln Highway

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The Victory Highway

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