I love the older church buildings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, living in Utah I have a chance to see so many of them. I also love creating lists and collections in my exploring and documenting so here’s my page for listing the old “Mormon” churches.

Also “old” is relative, to me it’s generally those that are over 100 years old but if they’re interesting to me I’ll include them even if they’re younger than that.

Some of these have been demolished after I documented them and some others have been demolished before I had a chance to document them and I just have old photos that aren’t mine, but as with all of my website any photos that are not mine are either noted and credited or are obviously old enough that they couldn’t be mine and were found being passed around social media.

Churches are sorted by county and by name beyond that.

Davis County

Iron County

Salt Lake County

  • Bennion (demolished)
  • Bingham Ward (demolished)
  • Bluffdale Ward
  • Brighton (demolished)
  • Brinton Ward (demolished)
  • Burton (demolished)
  • Butler Ward (demolished)
  • Cannon (demolished)
  • Crescent Ward (demolished)
  • Draper Ward (demolished)
  • East Jordan Ward (demolished)
  • East Mill Creek (demolished)
  • Emerson (demolished)
  • Emigration (demolished)
  • Ensign (demolished)
  • Farmers (demolished)
  • Forest Dale (1902)
  • Garfield (demolished)
  • Granger Ward (demolished)
  • Granite Tabernacle (demolished)
  • Granite Ward
  • Grant Ward (demolished)
  • Herriman Ward (demolished)
  • Holladay Ward (demolished)
  • Hunter Ward (demolished)
  • LeGrande Ward (demolished)
  • Liberty Ward
  • Mill Creek Ward (demolished)
  • Miller (demolished)
  • Murray First Ward (demolished)
  • Murray Second Ward
  • Parley (demolished)
  • Pleasant Green Ward (1897)
  • Poplar Grove Ward (demolished)
  • Richards (demolished)
  • Riverton Ward (demolished)
  • Salt Lake Center (demolished)
  • Sandy Ward (demolished)
  • South Cottonwood Ward (demolished)
  • South Jordan Ward (demolished)
  • Sugar House (demolished?)
  • Taylorsville Ward
  • Union Ward (demolished)
  • Waterloo (demolished)
  • West Jordan Ward (demolished)
  • Wilford Ward (demolished)
  • Winder Ward

Utah County