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Park City Community Church

This gothic style brick church was constructed in 1899 by P. Anderson & Company for the First Congregational Church of Park City. Established in Park City in 1879. The Congregationalists joined with the Park City Methodist Church in 1919 under the direction of the Home Missions Council to form the Park City Community Church.

Park City Community Church

The original church on this site was built in the 1880’s by the Congregationalists, a sect which arrived in Park City while it was still a mining camp. Congregationalists were the first to establish regular Protestant services in Utah. By 1883 they were actively proselytizing among local miners and had acquired this property to build a church.

Fire raged through Park City in June of 1898, destroying the original structure. The Pastor immediately declared intention to rebuild, making use of walls left standing after the fire. Plans for the present edifice were complete by October of 1898. The design reflects a basic Gothic style much used in religious institution of that time. Construction was delayed, however, and not completed until 1899.

The church became the Park City Community Church in 1919 when several local Protestant denominations joined congregations in an ecumenical effort. Continuous operation of this church since it was built has provided Park City with important religious, social and educational facilities.

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