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Town of Cedar Fort Old Pioneer Cemetery

This old pioneer cemetery was established in Cedar Fort soon after the settlers came to this valley in 1852. It is impossible to identify all those buried here as many graves have been left unmarked, and records are no longer available. At one time this cemetery has a high fence but it has long since been removed.

The remaining visible tombstone is adjacent to this monument. The writing is obliterated, but residents recall it saying, “Remains of Ann Dodd Butler Hodge, who died 1855.” To the west, almost opposite the Hodge marker, there were at one time two 4 x 4 wooden markers where William and Warren Weeks were laid to rest on August 8, 1854 after they were killed by Indians.

It is possible that some of Johnson’s Army men, Indians, and mine workers from Mercur, Sunshine and Manning were also buried here.