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The Glenwood Mercantile was erected by the United Order Building Board in 1878 as the retail operation of the Glenwood United Order. The oldest commercial outlet in Sevier County, it is one of the few remaining cooperative stores in all of Utah built during the United Order movement of the 1870s. Established in 1874 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Glenwood United Order required all participating members to give over their property, receiving in turn, shares of the corporation. Prices in the store were set by the committee that also set local wages. The cooperative store was run by Bishop Archibald Oldroyd, president of the Glenwood United Order. By 1882 the Order was discontinued and the store transferred to private ownership. The name, Glenwood Cooperative, continued to be used.

In 1898 Neils Heilesen purchased the store and ran it until 1910 when he sold it to his son, Henry Edwards Heilesen. In 1912 the building was remodeled, and the pressed tin pilasters flanking the entrance alcove and the carved wood cornice were made part of the new facade. The name was changed to Glenwood Mercantile. It was operated as a store until 1952.