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576 West 300 North

Constructed c. 1911, this one-and-one-half-story house is a nice example of large bungalow, the most common house type in Utah during the early twentieth century. The house exhibits characteristics of the transition between the waning Victorian Eclectic style and the then current Arts and Crafts style. These details include wide eaves with classical modillions, large side dormers, decorative iron railing and square classical columns on the large from porch, and the decorative use of multiple materials with the combination of brick and patterned shingles in the gable ends. These elements combine to produce a unique dwelling.

According to the title, Esther Catherine W. Haslam was the original owner of the house and she deeded it to David and Emma Haslam in 1943. Most likely the house was always used as a rental, for city directories indicate that neither of the Haslam families lived here, and residents’ names changed on a regular basis.