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Late in the year 1861 there arrived in this area 308 families assigned by Brigham Young and other leaders of the Mormon Church for the purpose of raising cotton and other tropical plants, previous experimentation at Washington, to the east of the black ridge, and at Bloomington at the bottom of the west black ridge had proved that cotton could mature. This group of hardy pioneers arrived during what was known as the winter of the big rain, towns on the streams were damaged and farmlands on the bank were washed away, there was no immediate damage to this area however.

Irrigation and culinary water was provided from springs located at each end of this red hill.

The people drew for lots and on Jan. 23, 1862 they moved onto them from their tent city east of Dixie College.

The thriving community you see below (including tabernacle, courthouse – 1871 and temple – 1877 ) is proof of their faith and determination.

This historic marker was erected overlooking the city of St George in 1984.