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The Old Spanish Trail

The Old Spanish Trail, the main trade route between Santa Fe and Los Angeles, passed this way beginning in 1829. At the end of the Mexican-American War this portion of the route evolved into what was variously known as the Salt Lake Road, the Mormon Trail, the California Road, and eventually U.S. Highway 91. The original pack trail descended Utah Hill, passed through Beaver Dam, then followed the Virgin River toward Las Vegas. As wagon traffic increased in the 1850s the route veered westward near today’s Utah-Arizona border to avoid the river gorge.

In January, 2005 a major flood roared through this valley destroying thirty homes and causing massive property damage.

There are many markers about the Old Spanish Trail, see this page for others. This one is located in Beaver Dam, Arizona and was dedicated March 19, 2005 by the Matt Warner 1900, Billy Holcomb 1069 and Queho Posse 1919 chapters of the ancient and honorable order of E Clampus Vitus.