This two and one half story oolite rock home with basement was built in 1865 for LDS Apostle, Orson Hyde. Its broken salt box profile is unusual, as are the quarter-round windows penetrating the gable ends to light the attic.*

The front of the central passage plan is symmetrical and four bays wide with an elevated front porch. The cornice and trim are Greek Revival. The well or spring is located in the granary next to the house and is piped into the basement. The large wooden hay barn fell down in 1983 and what remains is the stone stable portion.

This fine, large home was intentionally distinctive as the official residence of its prominent owner.

Orson Hyde was one of Spring City’s most distinguished settlers. Hyde was one of the original Twelve Apostles chosen by Mormon founder Joseph Smith in Ohio and Illinois during the 1930’s-40’s. Sent by Brigham Young in 1860 to oversee Sanpete and Sevier settlements, Orson Hyde (1805-1878) chose Spring City as his home and first lived in a “log House.”

This four-level stone house served as his primary residence, where he lived with Mary Ann Hyde (1816-1900), one of his eight wives as well as at least two other wives at the time of his death.

Apostle Hyde and Mary Ann hosted Brigham Young and many other traveling dignitaries. Mary Ann also served as the local Relief Society president. Orson Hyde and some of his wives are buried in the Spring City Cemetery.

Located at 209 South Main Street in Spring City, Utah