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Located at 630 S Main Street in Centerfield, Utah, this beautiful 1923 home was nicknamed the Sugar Mansion being across the street from the sugar beet processing plant.


This charming property was developed in the mid-1920’s by William Wrigley (1861-1932) of Chicago, the millionaire whose name appears on Wrigley Field and the chewing gum. This house and garage are excellent examples of the English Tudor Revival style, popular after World War I. The steeply-pitched roof gables, half-timbering, narrow dormers, ornamental chimneys, slanted bay windows, and light-colored stucco are typical of this picturesque style. English design elements also were used inside, including low ceilings and archways between rooms. Inside and out, fine design and craftsmanship are evident. The carefully landscaped grounds continue the European theme with a ‘fence’ of concrete posts and chains, masonry walls, meandering paths and exceptional plantings.

Mr. Wrigley built this home for the superintendent of the Gunnison Sugar Factory, a million dollar factory which he owned and established locally in 1917. Set on one acre of ground, this property’s artistic landscaping harbored many varieties of birds in trees such as locust, Chinese elm and fruit trees, accompanied by distinctive privet hedges. The manicured yard was simultaneously watered and fertilized by built-in sprinklers that sprayed run-off water rich in beet pulp and piped in from the sugar factory across the highway. Later, the home was purchased by Frank and Betty Ginder so sold it to the present owners, Juan and Vicky Larson in 1975.*

The photos below are from Charlotte L Christiansen‘s real estate listing.