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Built in 1934-35, the Stewart/Hewlett Ranch Dairy Barn is one of eight
o significant buildings on Stewart Ranch, a well preserved turn-of-the-century “recreational ranch” that served for over 50 years as both a working ranch and a recreational summer retreat for its owners, prominent business and professional men from Salt Lake City. Stewart Ranch is probably the best preserved of the recreational ranches that were established on the western edge of the Uinta Mountains, a popular location for such ranches because of both its wilderness appeal and its proximity to Salt Lake City, only about sixty miles away. The ranch was established c.1902 by four Stewart brothers William M., Samuel W., Charles B., and Barnard J. who maintained their homes and professions in Salt Lake City while supervising and, to various degrees, participating in the operations of the ranch. The dairy barn was constructed during the ranch’s second phase of operation, which began in 1931 when the ranch was sold by the Stewarts to Lester Hewlett, son-in-law of Charles, and his brother, Vern. At that time the emphasis of the ranch was changed from cattle raising to dairying.

The notable buildings remaining on the ranch and when they were built:

  • Ethelbert White/William M. Stewart Ranch House (1890)
  • Barnard J. Stewart Ranch House (1911)
  • Samuel W. Stewart Ranch House (1913)
  • Charles B. Stewart Ranch House (1918)
  • Stewart Ranch Foreman’s House (1929-30)
  • Lester F. Hewlett Ranch House (1912?)
  • Verner Hewlett Ranch House (1929-30)
  • Stewart-Hewlett Ranch Dairy Barn (1935)