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(info from Wikipedia) Jackson Square is an early subdivision of Salt Lake City developed by Kimball and Richards Land Merchants in 1909.
The neighborhood’s boundaries are 200 East, 300 East, include Hampton Avenue, Kelsey Avenue, and Edith Avenue (today’s 1130 South, 1165 South and 1205 South, respectively).

Based on sketches and photographic evidence, the Jackson Square development once included 12-18 stone monuments which stood on each corner of the neighborhood. In 1909, Shipler Commercial Photographs captured images of Kimball and Richards workers clearing earth and building the stone monuments, including in the Jackson Square subdivision. These photos were also used in newspapers advertisements for Jackson Square.

The stone monuments included embedded Jackson Square name plaques, along with appropriate street name plaques on two sides. They were also capped with orbs. Today, only one monument remains standing; it is on the southwest corner of Edith and 300 East, though the original orb is missing. The base of another pillar can be found on the southeast corner of Hampton and 200 East.